Mark Balma

Mark Balma, Fresco Artist

Available Exclusively to Windsor clients

Your project can draw from the creative genius of fresco artist, Mark Balma. He has built an international reputation as both a gifted oil painter and fresco artist. One of only three fresco painters in the US, Balma splits his time between Minnetonka, Minnesota and Assisi, Italy. Balma's work and materials are greatly inspired by the Italian masters; his hand-ground pigments are mixed with essential oils and resin, imbuing his pieces with an incredible luminosity. Whether painting notable figures like Margaret Thatcher or George Bush Sr., or commissioned portraits, Balma's adoption of a technique pioneered by Leonardo da Vinci elevates any subject matter.

Whether you want a mural, a logo, or a unique design, you will be amazed at the talent in this friend of the Windsor family. Bring your imagination when you meet with our team here at Windsor. We look forward to serving you!

World renowned artist, Mark Balma

Balma has created frescos locally for Minnetonka Center for the Arts. St. Mary's College in Winona, the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, the Huber Funeral Chapel in Excelsior, the Founder's Hall at the University of St. Thomas, and St. John's Church in Stacy.

Mark Balma is a master painter who incorporates techniques of the early Renaissance into timeless portraits, fresco murals and studio works. His studio works reflect a diversity of images, including spiritual and classical themes, social commentaries, landscapes and still lifes.
His portraits include four U.S. Presidents, European Heads of State, Business Executives, Music and Cultural Celebrities, as well as Private Individuals. Two paintings in the Vatican’s permanent collection, Rome, Italy. His fresco murals can be found in the Museum of Spiritual Art, Assisi, Italy, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas Minneapolis Campus, Minnesota.